Mask of Pregnancy – Melasma!

Melasma is a condition where gray to brown patches appear on the face. It can occur in all skin types but more commonly on darker skin tones. Melasma occurs in 50-70% of pregnant women hence the nickname “pregnancy mask”. This skin condition is the most common cosmetic problem related to pregnancy. 

Although the exact reason why melasma occurs has not been discovered, there have been various factors that have been thought to contribute to it. Such factors include sun exposure (UV radiation), pregnancy, genetic factors, hormonal treatments and cosmetic products. Pregnant women undergo a variety of changes internally and externally, and it is believed that the main reason melasma occurs is because of hormonal changes.
The most effective way in attempting to prevent melasma is avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen with high SPF during pregnancy. Hydroquinone is the most popular treatment for melasma after pregnancy. Laser treatments are also effective in treating melasma, specifically Picosure. It is the only laser that is FDA approved to treat melasma. Consult with our medical providers specializing in Picosure to discuss if this is the right treatment option for you.

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