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Filler and Necrosis

I’m afraid to get fillers because I have heard about possible vascular obstruction and necrosis! Vascular obstruction/occlusion can occur when blood flow has been blocked by filler which does not allow the surrounding tissue to obtain the necessary oxygen and … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Hyaluron Pens

Hyaluron pens are a needle free device that use pneumatic pressure to force hyaluronic acid into the skin. The FDA recently issued a warning on 10/8/21 advising against these devices, as they have been linked to serious injuries and irreversible … Continue reading

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Microneedling vs Picosure?

Microneedling vs. Picosure in regards to Melasma Microneedling is effective in treating areas of hyperpigmentation; however, you would need further consultation to determine which treatment is best for you. In regards to laser treatment, it would benefit you to look … Continue reading

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