Can I wear lash extensions during surgery?

Got Lashes?

Can I wear lash extensions during surgery?

The short answer is preferably no. We recommend that our patients leave out their extensions mainly because it can interfere with surgery as well as cause an issue with sterility. For some procedures, we tape the eyes with a clear dressing to prevent the eyes from becoming dry and causing any corneal scratching. Lash extensions may be dislodged as we remove the tape. They may also fall off and fall into the eye which can increase your risk for corneal abrasions. 
When can I put lash extensions on again? After surgery, we recommend waiting at least one month! This is to allow all of the incisions to heal correctly and reduce the risk of infection. If you are still unsure about your aftercare instructions or what to prepare for before surgery, contact the office and we can answer those questions for you!

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