Crooked nasal implant, 3 weeks following Asian rhinoplasty.

Q: I underwent Asian rhinoplasty a few weeks ago, which involved tip sculpting and a custom-sculpted medpor implant (just for the bridge, not the tip). Since cast removal, I noticed the implant seemed very slanted more to one side where it starts between the eyes. The nose tip and end of nose, however, seems very central. As the swelling subsided, the position of the top of the implant hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s become more defined and consequently more prominent… I am seeking advice on this.

A: The textbook answer is that you should allow your nose to heal a full 6-12 months before considering revision.  However, voice your concerns with your surgeon.  If he/she feels there is a grossly misplaced implant he/she may decide to re-operate in a more expedient manner.

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