How to change my flat bulbous nose to a smaller feminine nose? (Procedures and type of implants)

Q: I do want it to look natural. The bridge needs a lot of work, but I’m not sure how high. I would like to narrow the tip and the width of the nose base. My nose wing and nostrils also look large, can that be shaped? The tip and the nose wing bother me the most. I also think my nose tip skin is thick. Do I need to lengthen to not have an upturn nose? I do not want silicone implant & a high Caucasian nose bridge.

A: In order to create definition for the bridge and tip of your nose, you do require a fair bit of augmentation.  Given the amount of volume needed, and the need for strong grafts to project and counter-rotate the tip of your nose, I would recommend using grafts fashioned from your rib cartilage.

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