I need a rhinoplasty. I am an Asian male wanting to have a better looking nose.

Q: My alar from sideview is hanging, what procedure needed to fix that? Also in worm’s eye view I am not sure if I need Alarplasty, hope not as I hate scars. I see many photos online with so ugly scars after alarplasty. What technique should my surgeon perform for the scars to be well hidden? Also will my nostrils look narrower even without alarplasty? Will my nostrils can become narrower with sail incision, tiplasty and bridge augmentation? No fillers too pls. Thank you.

A: Your columellar retraction is what is causing the disproportion between your ala and columella.  Pushing down the columella while bringing the alar rim up slightly will improve this discrepancy.

Projecting the tip of the nose will cause the nostrils to look a bit narrower and less flared without alar base modification.

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