Self-cartilage augmentation Asian rhinoplasty costs $20,000?

Q: I recently went to a Toronto PS who only specializes in rhinoplasty for a consult. I asked him to 1. Build up the bridge 2. Narrow the tips 3. Have a silicone chin implant put in. He quoted me $10k for using silicone nose implant + chin augmentation, and 20k for using my own cartilage. This is even more expensive than a revision rhinoplasty since my nose is untouched. I wonder what do you guys think in terms of the price? I would prefer to go with my own tissues if possible. Thanks!

A: I feel very strongly that synthetic materials should be not be placed in your nose during Asian rhinoplasty, so my personal feeling is that regardless of price you should not consider that option.

With regards to surgeon fees and the variation amongst surgeons – this will depend on geographical location and the expertise of the surgeon.  While the adage is not always true that you get what you pay for, generally surgeons will not be able to stay in business long if their prices are not in-line with their results.

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