I have a bump and line in the middle of my nose after rhinoplasty. How did this happen and can it be fixed?

Q: I had rhinoplasty about 4 months ago but I started noticing a bump and a horizontal line developing in the middle of my nose. This wasn’t much initially because of the swelling I guess, but it became more obvious with time, especially when I look at the mirror… My doctor said he never saw something like this over his 25 years of experience and suggested that I massage my nose and bone and wait for a while… He mentioned filler too but I want to know what happened and what my options are.

A: Although it’s difficult to provide a definitive, there may be an irregularity in the bone and cartilage of your dorsum.  At 4 months you are still fairly early in your recovery so your nose will change in appearance, so your bridge may or may not improve.  Revision rhinoplasty may be necessary to smooth the contour, but shouldn’t be considered until the nose is fully healed.

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