11 days post op – Crease of nostril bleeding after crying, should I be worried?

Q: I’m 11 days post op and found out some bad news and cried for ~ 2 hours. After I saw the crease of my left nostril where my outer stitches were is slightly open and bleeding. This was the area where my stitches were and it was nicely healing before. No blood or open wound. I’m worried that perhaps my nose ripped away and may be at risk for infection, etc. Should I be concerned and what should I do to best remedy this?

A: There may have been a very slight separation in your incision line which resulted in the bleeding, but it should heal fine with appropriate care.  Cleaning the incision line gently with peroxide diluted in distilled water (1:1) and keeping the incision line covered with antibiotic ointment should allow it to heal quickly.  Certainly do follow up with your surgeon with any concerns to ensure the best healing.

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