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I Got Double Eyelid Surgery 3 weeks ago and my Eyes Are Horribly Uneven? 

The amount of swelling (edema) that develops post-operatively is rarely symmetric.  Give yourself and your eyes time to heal and for the swelling to resolve, and try not to over-analyze things until you reach your final result.  

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My nose bridge is too high and unnatural, how much swelling would go down in 2-3 months? And for how much in height?

Q: I had incisional double eyelid + epicanthoplasty + rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. Eyes used to look oriental but now no one recognizes me and I feel bad. What can be done to make eyes more recognizable to others? Nose … Continue reading

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Asian Eyelid Surgery | Asian Blepharoplasty

Before and After Asian blepharoplasty with Asian eyelid specialist, Dr. Donald B. Yoo.  During Asian eyelid surgery, excess skin and fat can be removed while reshaping and recontouring the upper eyelid to create a more refreshed and attractive appearance.  The … Continue reading

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