What does BB laser do?

The BB laser (beauty balm or blemish balm laser) takes its name from the now ubiquitous BB cream that became extremely popular in Korea beginning in the 1980s, and continued to soar in popularity as it came to be introduced to the U.S. and the West in the 2000s. The allure of beauty balm cream remains its ability to correct minor pigment irregularities of the skin while simultaneously moisturizing and protecting it from further injury. The BB laser is a non-ablative 1927 nm Thulium Fractional Laser that has shown impressive results for brightening skin by addressing many common dyschromias and pigmentary issues in the skin with powerful yet precise energy dellivery to the epidermal basal layer.

Mechanism of Action of BB Laser
Mechanism of Action of BB Laser

By preserving the outer layer of skin (stratum corneum) while ablating the deeper layer containing the pigment molecules and melanocytes, downtime is drastically reduced while improving skin brightness, skin texture, and removing pigmentation to create a more even skin tone. Though many patients experience minimal discomfort and will tolerate the laser treatment well without topical numbing, it may also be performed after application of topical anesthetic for 20-30 minutes. Mild pink or redness, and in some cases mild scabs or crusts may form initially. Use of gentle cleansers and moisturizers for the first week after treatment, along with strict avoidance of excess sun exposure is important. Results will be evident as soon as a week after treatment, and will continue to improve over 6-8 weeks.

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