What is Asian blepharoplasty? How is Asian blepharoplasty different from a typical upper blepharoplasty or eyelid lift?

Asian blepharoplasty differs from other types of upper blepharoplasty in that it requires a slightly more complex surgical technique and vastly different aesthetic to create a naturally beautiful result. When upper blepharoplasty or eyelid lift is performed in an aging patient, the procedure will commonly involve removal of excess skin and perhaps removal of excess fat through an incision made along the pre-existing supratarsal crease. The upper eyelid crease, or supratarsal fold, does not need to be reinforced or recreated in most of these patients due to a strong connection between the skin and levator aponeurosis. In many Asian patients, the adhesions between the skin and levator aponeuoris must be reinforced with supratarsal fixation or “anchoring” sutures to create a crisp, defined fold. In cases of multiple folds, asymmetric folds or supratarsal creases that are lower than desired, Asian blepharoplasty is an effective way to modify and enhance the shape and appearance of the upper eyelids.

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