Can you Spare a Rib?

Rib cartilage harvested by Dr. Yoo

The ribcage encloses important organs such as the lungs and heart and its bony structure provides support as well. In total, the rib cage is composed of 24 ribs attached to the 12 thoracic vertebrae. Costal cartilage is attached to each rib and the sternum and functions to help the chest expand during breathing. As people get older, costal cartilages are more prone to becoming calcified.

In dorsal augmentation rhinoplasties, the 6th or 7th costal cartilage can be harvested for grafting material. To harvest rib cartilage, a small incision is made beneath the breast and part of the ab muscle is cut through to reveal the rib cartilage. After the cartilage is harvested, careful measures are taken so that everything is closed securely. 

Rib cartilage provides an abundant amount of cartilage compared to ear cartilage or septal cartilage, especially for major reconstruction or structural support. Cartilage grafts are carefully crafted in the most perfect shape to construct a beautiful nose that caters to each individual. Book a consultation today to learn more about YOOur nose and work towards your aesthetic goals!

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