Filler and Necrosis

I’m afraid to get fillers because I have heard about possible vascular obstruction and necrosis!

Vascular obstruction/occlusion can occur when blood flow has been blocked by filler which does not allow the surrounding tissue to obtain the necessary oxygen and nutrients it needs. In turn, this can lead to necrosis of the tissue if left untreated long enough.

Although vascular obstruction and necrosis is a severe possible side effect of dermal fillers, the incidence rate is extremely low. In medical literature, frequencies of vascular adverse events range from 0.05–0.01%.

Studies have found that experience, in terms of how long a provider has been practicing and how many procedures performed, affects the rates of occlusion. A more experienced provider will have a lower rate of occlusion, but even still, the rate is significantly low.

Some ways to prevent this include getting a full history from patients, choosing a reversible filler (hyaluronic acid), and good technique.

It is important to remember that any cosmetic procedure has its risks, but with the right care and medical provider, this risk is significantly reduced.

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