5 months post op Asian Revision Rhinoplasty, could it be possible that the columella bone got trimmed?

Q: I have Asian nose. It’s been 5 months post-op but the collumella feels so soft, it can be pushed to right/left easily. Isn’t it supposed to be cartilage kind of feel /a little bit hard when touched? My nose does looked upturned then previous. Could it be possible that the collumella bone got trimmed? What could this mean? Thank you.

A: The columella is made of cartilage, and note bone, and is naturally a soft area of the nose.  When extensive cartilage grafts are placed in this area, the area may become more rigid and take time to soften.

The fact that your columella is soft is not likely to have an effect on your final result, but bring up your concerns with your surgeon as he/she is in the best position to reassure you with the details of your surgery.  Tip rotation will decrease and will look less upturned as you continue to heal.

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