1 year post op Asian revision rhinoplasty, I have an extrusion, crooked results. Any suggestions?

Q: I got my nose done a year ago using I-silicone & ear cartilage. Kindly need your advice on my questions below: 1. The nose is crooked. The nostril is contorted. Is this normal/acceptable? Are there potential complications? 2. I noticed a faint red bump on the tip of my nose. I don’t feel any pain/sensation. Is it an extrusion case? Will the bump get more pronounced with time? 3. I want to take the silicone out. Do I still need to insert cartilage to ensure the tip doesn’t sag? Thank you!

A: The silicone implant may be misaligned and is causing a deviation to the bridge of your nose.  Removing the silicone implant and replacing it with tissue from your own nose (autologous grafts) will allow it to be reconstructed in a safe, permanent way.

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