Can my nose be improved? Asian nose here.

Q: I am an Asian with a typical Asian nose. The bridge seems distinct but the tip is another story. It has fallen a bit short in terms of length and form, its looks is similar to when I look up at the ceiling and you can see my nostrils, it is like it is pressed up, the opening is a bit obvious even though I’m am looks horizontally straight.

A: As you noticed, the tip of your nose is a bit over-rotated (turned up) and the overall length of your nose is slightly short for your face.  The tip of your nose can be counter-rotated (turned down) and lengthened by adding grafts made from your own cartilage.

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Dr. Yoo is a board-certified surgeon, fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery with extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He specializes in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation surgery (including blepharoplasty and facelift), and Asian cosmetic surgery (including Asian rhinoplasty and Asian blepharoplasty/Asian eyelid surgery). His office is located at: 120 S Spalding Dr Suite 315, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, 310-275-2467.
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