I have wide nostrils that look like a big nose and a space between the bridge and its tip.

Q: What nose job will suit me? Is it possible without breaking my nasal bone?

A: While it’s difficult to make an accurate assessment without an in-person exam, you would likely benefit from osteotomies (fracturing the bones).  This will allow for the bridge to be narrowed slightly, creating more definition for it.

Depending on the degree of refinement and augmentation you are looking for, the appropriate grafts would be determined.  Either a combination of ear and septal cartilage or rib cartilage would provide a very nice change.

About Donald B. Yoo, M.D.

Dr. Yoo is a board-certified surgeon, fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery with extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He specializes in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation surgery (including blepharoplasty and facelift), and Asian cosmetic surgery (including Asian rhinoplasty and Asian blepharoplasty/Asian eyelid surgery). His office is located at: 120 S Spalding Dr Suite 315, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, 310-275-2467.
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