What causes this indentation on the supra tip post rhinoplasty and what options are available to fix it?

Q: I had an Asian rhinoplasty done almost 3 months ago, and recently noticed a slight indentation above the tip (supra tip?). An I-shaped silicon implant was used to raise the bridge and cartilage from my ear was used on the tip of the nose. What causes this indentation and what options are available to fix it? Could it be temporary due to residual swelling on the tip? I can’t tell if there’s swelling still or not. The indentation is most visible under top lighting that causes shadows.

A: While a large part of the swelling will have resolved 3 months after Asian rhinoplasty, you still do have a significant amount of healing left to do.  If it really, really bothers you then an easy way to temporarily correct the depression while your nose continues to heal is to use a hyaluronic acid filler (Restylane silk, Belotero) to soften the depression.

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