Asian ethnicity but given a Caucasian nose post op. Prosthetic looking nose, tip looks like a ball. What should I do?

Q: I’m 10 days post op. I am Asian but live in another country. I had rhino and fat transfer to chin. Yesterday, splint was removed. I was shocked to see a Caucasian nose on my face. Nose tip looks like a clown’s nose, my nostrils too high (pig-like) bridge too elevated-looks like prosthetics. Does the nose tip swell terribly and is at its worst on the first 2 weeks? Will it get slimmer on week 3? Will the nostril drop? Is Asian skin more thick? Will the results start to show 3rd month despite this?

A: This early in your recovery (less than 2 weeks) it is common for the tip of the nose to look like a ball due to all of the swelling.  Asian skin certainly is thicker and does swell more than other ethnicities.  Your nose will continue to change in appearance, and should improve, as it continues to heal and edema resolves.

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