What happens if I wear glasses after septorhinoplasty?

Q: Can this affect my breathing? It’s been a week and a half since my surgery and I thought wearing glasses would be okay after the first week. I’ve noticed these dents on the bridge of my nose though, my breathing isn’t as good as when I got my nose splint inserts taken out, is this normal? Is your breathing supposed to deteriorate after your nose splints get taken out? Once the swelling goes away, will my breathing get better? or do you think my glasses are a cause of my breathing problems?

A: Touch base with your surgeon regarding his/her protocol of wearing glasses.  Most surgeons, myself included, prefer to have patients avoid glasses for at least a few weeks after surgery (if the dorsum was reshaped).  It’s unlikely though that your glasses are responsible for your breathing issues.  You may have some intranasal swelling once the splints were removed, causing your breathing to be temporarily worse.  Follow up with your surgeon to best address your concerns.

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