Local or general Anesthesia for Rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty? Which option should I opt for ?

Q: I am going under a rhinoplasty ssing silicone for bridge and cartilage from ear for nose tip. I will also be get blepharoplasty same time. My doctor told me it’s local anesthesia and surgery will take About 2 hrs. He said in Asia this is popular way. I’m nervous about how comfortable this will be? Is it safe? Do I breath out of my mouth? What if I moved, panic from the sight of blood or feel pain. Why do Asian Doctors prefer local? Is it cheaper for them?

A: Each surgeon will have his/her preference in terms of general anesthesia.  For me personally, I find general anesthesia to be the most comfortable and safe form of anesthesia for my patients during rhinoplasty.  The nose is a part of the airway, and for this reason during nasal surgery blood can potentially enter the airway.  General anesthesia provides an excellent way to protect the airway and prevent issues from blood entering the airway.

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Dr. Yoo is a board-certified surgeon, fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery with extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He specializes in rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation surgery (including blepharoplasty and facelift), and Asian cosmetic surgery (including Asian rhinoplasty and Asian blepharoplasty/Asian eyelid surgery). His office is located at: 120 S Spalding Dr Suite 315, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, 310-275-2467.
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