I have an L-shaped silicone implant placed in my nose. How to tell if nose tip is experiencing too much pressure?

Q: I had Asian rhinoplasty done and was assured by the surgeon he would use a silicone implant on my bridge only and septal cartilage to refine the tip. I’ve recently discovered that he had placed an L-shaped implant instead and I’m worried that it will extrude over time. The tip of my nose feels a little tingly which I thought was residual swelling. Is this due to too much pressure from the implant and am I experiencing tissue necrosis?

A: The first signs of too much pressure being exerted on the skin from a silicone implant will be redness and tenderness along the skin where the implant is pressing.  If your nose feels tingly, but you do not see redness or feel tenderness along the tip of your nose, then you are not in imminent risk of extrusion.

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